Welcome to the NH GRANIT Town Boundary Monument Catalog, a statewide inventory of spatially referenced town monuments.

Notice: As of December 14, 2016, the server hosting this site will no longer be maintained. Due to lack of financial support, the site may not be available beyond that date. Please direct any questions to granit@unh.edu.

The primary objectives of the site are to:
  • Build, document, and maintain a GIS-based inventory of town boundary monuments in New Hampshire.
  • Provide a comprehensive resource to town officials, land surveyors, and others in the state who are researching issues related to town boundary lines and monumentation.
Over time, this resource will be used to improve the accuracy of town boundary mapping in the state and produce a better digital representation of the corporate jurisdictions.

Make Your Contribution:
We invite registered users to submit coordinates and related information for current and/or historic collections of town monuments. These data will be made available to the public via the View Data tab above.

A Field Data Collection Form is available here to guide you in your town monument data collection efforts.

It is important to note that the data collected through this site are intended for research and reconnaissance purposes only, and are not intended to be used for legal boundary delineation purposes.

We welcome any comments or suggestions you wish to offer.

This web resource is a cooperative effort of the GRANIT System at Complex Systems Research Center (UNH),
the Thompson School of Applied Sciences (UNH), and the NH Land Surveyors Association.
Development of this site was generously funded by the NH Department of Transportation.